accommodation near the town of Jesus or experience a lovely stay at a hotel in the Galilee

three Reasons Why You MUST Visit Capernaum

three Reasons Why You MUST Visit Capernaum

We do not love traveling to Capernaum only because it enables us to get our own accommodation near the town of Jesus or experience a lovely stay at a hotel in the Galilee area, but rather because it holds a meaning that transcends all that.

צימרים בקרבת אגמון החולה ומסלולי טיולים באזור שמורת הטבע אגמון החולה

Visiting Capernaum means being in a direct connection with one of the places that played a huge role in the journey of Jesus. It was not called the town of Jesus by coincidence, but rather because there is a whole history behind it. Discover it and more reasons below:

Capernaum has one of the richest religious backgrounds

Being the town where Jesus had spent most of his life, and where he had performed his first miracles, are what makes Capernaum a place well worthy of visiting. 

This small region in the Galilee area will take your spiritual journey to a new level as you walk down the same old streets and take the same roads Jesus had taken during his life, and learn about the monuments of this wonderful town and the stories each one holds.

צימרים בצפון הכנרת ביישוב התיירותי חד נס

The town of Jesus is home to most apostles

Even though no reason is stronger than the first one we introduced you to, it is almost equally important to know that Capernaum, and the Galilee area in general, is where most apostles of Jesus are from. 

Of course, his choice was not a random one, as they showed unmatched loyalty to Him and his Message over the years.

כפר נחום העיירה של ישו בצפון הכנרת בדרום רמת הגולן

FUN Activities to do!

Far from the religious background, you don’t have to sacrifice the fun when visiting Capernaum. Get the best of both worlds by getting the perfect accommodation near the baptismal site of Capernaum.

This will allow you to explore the whole town and all its surroundings, while experiencing a ‘home away from home’ sensation during your stay at one of the Northern Israel hotels. From private tours to day excursions and trips, the list is long, rich, and full of exciting activities!

A spiritual journey does not mean it should not include fun. For this reason, we always make sure to provide the visitors of our B&B in the Galilee the best and most comfortable stay they can imagine. This will put them in the right mindset for their religious travel while still having the time to discover the Galilee region and all its amazing surroundings.

מקומות טיולים בטבע לצד אתרים היסטריים

Hope you enjoyed reading. You can ask me any questions, Thanks.

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