Capernaum The Town of Jesus Right on the Sea of ​​Galilee

Capernaum The Town of Jesus

three Fascinating Facts About Capernaum The Town of Jesus

It goes without saying that "Capernaum The Town of Jesus" is one of the most magnificent towns near the Sea of Galilee. But aside from that, this small village has also an astounding history that makes it stand out from any other town in this area.

Capernaum The Town of Jesus Located near the Jordan River and near the Sea of Galilee

Located near the Jordan River, the rich history and religious value of the town of Jesus make it the center of interest of many archeologists and people worldwide. Here are three fascinating facts about "Capernaum The Town of Jesus" you probably did not know. These facts alone will make you want to book a hotel in the Galilee immediately to check this amazing town:

Capernaum is where Jesus spent MOST of his life

As its name suggests and unlike what is commonly thought that Jerusalem is where Jesus spent most of his life, it was in Capernaum that He lived, preached, and made His allegories.

While it is true that Jerusalem is where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected, Jesus chose to live in Capernaum, thanks to its strategic location and proximity to the Golan where was his refuge in times of danger.

צימרים בצפון הכנרת ביישוב התיירותי חד נס

Almost all the apostles of Jesus were from the Galilee

The choice of Jesus for Capernaum to be his main residential town was not the only one, he had also chosen all his apostles from the area. 

The twelve followers of Jesus were all from the Galilee area, and in particular, five of them were from Capernaum. Those apostles were: Andrew, James, Peter, Mathew and John. It was Judas alone who was not from the Galilee area.

כפר נחום העיירה של ישו בצפון הכנרת בדרום רמת הגולן

Capernaum has one of the most ancient Churches

As we mentioned before, Capernaum is a historical town that astonished archeologists for a long time, especially when they discovered the Domus Ecclesia, known as the first church ever. This church is believed to be the house of Peter, where Christians used to gather for the first times.

Its name later changed to Insula Sarca, described in the New Testament as the house where Jesus performed many of his miracles, including healing Peter’s mother-in-law. Considering the importance and holiness of this church, it has become a pilgrimage site that attracted visitors over the years.

Getting accommodation near the Jordan River can be one of the greatest steps to introduce yourself to the mesmerizing history awaiting you. It can be mind-blowing how a simple stay at a hotel in the Galilee can change your perception and spiritual journey for the best!

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